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Just Do Your Job November 8, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Reflections.

As a Mortgage Consultant, I make it my responsibility to do three things very well for my clients. They include:

  1. Treating your money as if it were my money. Money is a very emotional issue, and handling your own money during a real estate transaction is like performing surgery on yourself, and you just don’t do that! Instead, you find someone you can trust to handle that for you. When it comes to saving my clients money or making my clients money, I am like a Pitbull!
  2. Being a True Consultant. When you hear the word “Consultant“, what comes to mind? Many people share with me positive things like “Educator” and “Advisor”. Yet, when you hear the word, “Salesperson”, what comes to mind? Is it a positive word, or a negative word? You see, there is a difference between a Consultant and a Salesperson. This is why I really love being a Consultant and helping others.
  3. Overseeing all the transactional details. In Real Estate, there are so many phone calls and so much paperwork, it would make anyone dizzy. There are over 150 phone calls alone! As a mortgage consultant, I coordinate and oversee all the phone calls, all the documentation and work with all the other parties involved. There is a whole cast and crew… appraisers, surveyors, attorneys, closing officers, underwriters, insurance agents, Realtors, and the list goes on! I stay on top of all of this so that my clients have a much smoother transaction than they have ever had before. I sweat the details so my clients don’t have to.

As you can imagine, when you have a group that large that all play a part in a transaction, there is always someone who doesn’t want to play with the others. Since Real Estate really is a team effort, if you are someone who doesn’t like people, you better find another line of work!

And yet, invariably, there is always that someone who just refuses to kick it into high gear and rush for a client, or return that call, or go the extra mile. Well, that’s why I’m here. In the Army, we had a saying. “Just Do Your Job”, was a mantra we used when we came up against someone who didn’t want to do even the minimum. In other words, if you just do your job, someone else won’t have to do theirs AND yours. In turn, that stresses everyone out less, and makes for a happier world.

Is that asking too much? Well, I certainly don’t think so. I was on the phone yesterday with one of my clients, and she was thanking me left and right for always being on top of things and for getting people to move their butts when they would rather jibbah-jabbah over coffee, instead of doing the job they’re getting paid to do. In any case, my clients are worth it, and it all comes part and parcel to the three things I do well as a Consultant for my clients.

I’ve been able to recieve some very positive feedback. If you’d like to see some of what others think of my level of service, you can check it out here.

That’s it for this entry. I had a very stressful time today getting someone to just do their job. Thankfully, they came around and did just that. So, I’m good to go.

Yes, a phrase in this entry was borrowed from Mr. T. Can you guess which phrase?

Thanks for reading.



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