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Every Day Give It Your All November 9, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Inspirations.

This is an incredible talk from Tony Robbins at the TED Conference.  He covers a wide spectrum of beliefs, emotions, action, and needs inside each of us.  Let me know if you found this helpful.  *Warning* There is some profanity in this clip…

Tony Robbins Speaks at TED



1. rusty covey - March 25, 2007

was there ever a motivation speaker challenged with mental disabilities, spending their whole life trying to over-come ther problems?

a drowning at age six erased all my memory. but, by going on the things my mother told me and passing it on to my psychologist. he believes the problems were their at birth and the drowning may have caused more the emotional problems, like not being able to feel sad or happy.

my first six years were lived in a passive state of mind. the drowning seemed to of woke something up in my head. the next six years, all i wanted to was run and run around is what i did.

then, at age twelve my parents finally, decided to put me in school and make sure i attended everyday. although, i was two yeas older then the other kids. i was six years behind them in thinking.

by seventh grade i had learn to read and write. that was a turning stone in my life. i wanted to read everything. i managed to get through school.

married at age nineteen and even though i had done so much and learned so much. i was still six to eight years behind in the logic, common sense and understanding of a nineteen year old.

how was i able to break free of the life that had me so missed up? when i tell people of my mental state, when i was a kid and the first ten years of my marriage. they don’t believe me.

some people fail to understand the power of the brain, even psychologist or maybe they are afraid of what i might teach them or the people i can help.

two things helped me to become me. i am able to perfrom many functions. i can feel empathy, without having to spend alot of tiem thinkng about it. i can cry from my feeling now and can laugh about things that are funny or i simple feel good. i am able to cry when my wife’s feeling get hurt. i know the difference between feeling compassion and feeling sorrow. i understand my responsibility as a father, husband and grandfather. i am fully aware of what my actions are and what will take place later. the one thing i am wanting more then all the other stuff. is the ability to feel my grandchilds hug, my childrens hugs and my wife touch. i still have to think about it, like when i rock my grandson to slleep. i have to run many things through my mind, then after, a little while a feeling will start to go through me. it is a special feeling, i know comes easy for a normal person.

i look forward to the next forty-six years. i know i will be able to learn more and become a better person. with the struggles in lmy life, had i not of got these new feeling i would have ended my life. my new feeling are what tells me, i am a live.

the key to over-coming any challenge is over-coming fear. the drowning erased the ability to feel fear, sorrow or joy. my mind was like and infant. to do, and do and do and do, never did i have a thought or feeling in my head or body telling me how to say, know or think it., the use of the word don’t, i can’t or anything in the negative.

since, i can’t remember the first six years of my life. i cna only be accountable for the last forty. so, i have forty years of experience to show my success.

everyday try something new. do something in a different way. never think or feel negative terms. never be afraid of anything associated with working the brain. acept all things with good values and get rid of things of no value, mental and physical.(there isn’t enough time in a day) knowledge is very important, when i learn something new, even one word, it can have a big effect .

next time i will talk about the foundation by which we all stand on and how and why it effects our life. many people are not aware of it and do not know their true identity. do you know yours?

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