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What A Week It’s Been Part 2 November 9, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Reflections.

Being a Sergeant in the Army was the toughest job I’ll ever love, only next to being a Dad. I loved helping Soldiers reach their goals, but also being there to support them and to call them out when they needed it. It was very rewarding in it’s own right. I loved being exhausted at the end of a very long day, knowing I did all I could that day to help the Soldiers below me and the Officers above me.

To me, this is the next best thing to being a Sergeant in the Army, because now there’s no pushups! Instead, I rely on my can-do attitude to get things done. I rely on my quick thinking and resourcefulness to get past obstacles. And, just like I did with my Soldiers, I do with my clients… I tell them what they need to hear, not always what they want to hear. Reason is, I care about them too much to lie to them and to sell them short on the truth.

All of this “deciding” that I was doing at the end of some very, very long days led me to a very profound decision. I wanted to help others, and I wanted to do it in such a way that I would be able to continually be able to deliver a high level of service to my clients, while still having a life and time with my family, while still pursuing education and mastery of my chosen field.

After making this decision, I shared it with others, and I was told that I would go far with that kind of mindset. I was told that I had the skills, the ability, and even the personality to do this. But I could not have done this alone. I had the support of friends, family, and even my Lord. Because all of the above helped me get re-started in this field upon my return. All of the above gave me the encouragement, and I do believe that the Lord put in my hands the means to accomplish all of the above by making me aware of how to actually do it:

Grow your business by being so helpful and driven to be of service to your clients that they will refer people they know to your business.
More in Part 3…



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