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What A Week It’s Been Part 3 November 9, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Reflections.

Referral-based businesses are no secret. They certainly aren’t new. But, from what I’ve seen, not everyone in the Real Estate field approaches business from a “client-first” mindset. But I do, and although it’s been slow going, my actions, not my words, have created a buzz. Word is getting out, and I’m still working hard to improve myself each and every day. I give thanks to the Lord and I give humble gratitude to my friends and my family as well as my wonderful clients who sing my praises when I don’t even realize they are doing so.

Building a referral-based business is still a lot of hard work. However, it provides so many benefits to my clients, it’s truly amazing. First off, having a referral business allows me to spend more time delivering excellent service to my clients. The reason is, the time I would normally need to spend looking for new clients is freed up because my clients are delighted to refer their friends and family to my services. That alone is a huge benefit to my clients. In fact, my clients can actually get a little spoiled at times (in a good way!), because I am able to always return my calls and provide status and updates on their loans; which they almost certainly never get anywhere else.

Another benefit of a referral business is that I keep my expenses very low. As a Personal Mortgage Consultant, I don’t have a big office to pay rent on, or an office full of lights and computers to keep running. I certainly don’t have overpaid bosses to keep fed, either. It’s just me, the independent consultant. That savings gets passed on to my clients, big time.

Without any and all of you, I would be nothing, and for that I remain humble. I also strive to return that gratitude by seeing “service” as the highest compliment I can give to another. Because for me, “Service” also means “Respect.” Something I learned in the Army. Just because I wore stripes didn’t mean I was too good to get dirty with everyone else. And it certainly didn’t mean that I stopped being of service to others. In fact, it usually meant more work instead of less. But there is good reward in hard work.

I was just talking to a wonderful client of mine, Anne Evans, who is a professional Real Estate investor. We talk just about every day, and each time I can’t help but smile and laugh because she is just so easy to get along with. She even told me that I’m part of her “Team”! I really appreciate the fact she sees me as part of her “Team” and I like being on her Team. She always has something nice to say about how well I look out for her and how much she appreciates my hard work.

That in itself is enough to make me grin from ear to ear. Then she tells me that she put my phone number on her business cards! This way when she gives out her card, the person receiving it gets an invitation to use my services if they have a need for a loan. I was blown away! That truly told me I was doing something right. And for her trust in me, and for her willingness to tell anyone and everyone about my services, I am forever grateful and humbled.

I have received some very awesome words of encouragement this week. I’ve even received some excellent constructive criticism, which I needed and I am thankful to receive so that I can be an even better Consultant for my clients. And, I would like to highlight the following people for referring people they know and care about to my services:

Anne Evans
Karen Whipple
Joe McCoy
Sheyla Hutchins
Ramon Rodriguez
Lloyd Misiowiec
Chris Holzhausen
Don Shirey
Macaria Gonzalez

Their referrals are the greatest compliment I could receive. I willingly take the responsibility of taking very good care of the people they cared enough to refer to me. I would also take that same responsbility to take very good care of someone you cared enough to refer to my services as well.

And this is how a referral business grows and succeeds. By others being delighted to refer to me, and by me taking the responsibility to be of service to all who wish to use my services.

This was long, but I thank you for reading.



1. Eric - December 14, 2006

What a great post. I have been reading through blogosphere on how people think about referrals and came across a million “6 techniques for referrals” and 1000 “fail-proof referral systems”. It’s humanity that works. Your respect for your clients and how much you appreciate them is beyond refreshing. It’s inspiring. Best regards.

2. Jay Medina - December 14, 2006

Thank you, Eric! I appreciate those kind words, and most of all, I’m honored that you took the time to read my post. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads what I’m writing.

You have just validated my efforts, and I am grateful.

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