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Tips for Making Your Home More Secure November 27, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Informative Articles and Free Reports.

I found this great article on another blog.  Thanks to Monica Foster in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for allowing me to share this information.  She is a top-producing Realtor, and you can check out her blog at http://monicamfoster.blogspot.com/index.html.

Thanks Monica! 


You can make your home much less attractive to them by taking a few simple steps to make your home more secure. Most of these security measures are easy tasks and only require a few simple tools. A little free time is a small investment for your peace of mind.

1.) Installing a quality lockset not only adds to your home’s beauty, but it also sends a message to would be intruders.

2.) Deadbolts are an inexpensive and effective way of adding security to exterior doors, and make great supplements to standard locksets.

3.) Adding a peephole allows you to see who’s knocking before you open the door.

4.) To make your sliding patio doors more secure, cut a piece of closet rod to fit in the track behind the sliding door and adjust the track clearance so the doors can’t be removed from their frame.

5.) Install keyed sash locks on your windows to make them more secure. If you like to let in fresh air, look for locks that also have a vent locking position.

6.) Low voltage lights are easy to install and provide an excellent, low-energy light source to highlight areas you don’t want in shadow.

7.) Lights with motion detectors are a convenient and efficient source for outdoor security lighting. Well-positioned motion detectors make it virtually impossible for anyone to sneak up on your home.

8.) Security cameras are great for keeping an eye on children playing in the yard and they allow you to see who’s coming to the door from inside your home.

9.) A storage shed with a good lock keeps your outdoor items organized and safe.

10.) Keep your hedges and foundation plants pruned so they don’t hide potential entry points to your home. Overgrown plants offer intruders a place to hide while they attempt to break in.



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