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Christmas and a time of blessings December 19, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Personal Stuff, Reflections.

The Medina BoysI think it’s just starting to catch up to me.  What a year it’s been.  I guess I could say that about last year as well.  Ever since coming home from Iraq, I’ve been on fire.  Unable to sit still and just do the minimum to get by.  Not realizing I was doing it, I went to a training course earlier this year where the instructor challenged us to “GO BIG!”  It seems, that’s what I’ve been doing the whole time.  Not being content with wasting a day that could be used to help others and help my family.

See, it’s a simple concept.  I help others, and by doing so, I’m helping my family.  I cannot help but feel blessed when this balance of service and gratitude has taken on a form that I consider to be bigger than life.  In other words, I get a real kick out of helping others, as it really warms my heart to know I used my God-given talents for helping others do positive things.  What can be more positive than buying a home, a piece of the American Dream?  Well, I help folks refinance their homes as well, where using cash from the equity can do some very amazing things for the families I help.

Last week I was able to help a client refinance her rental property, where she was able to use the cash to pay off non-tax deductible debt.  Her monthly cash flow increased, and she has cash left over for the Holidays.  But, aside from all that, the most important thing is… she is happy with the outcome.  She was also happy with the service I was able to provide.

I get so danged excited when I think about how much can be accomplished when we all work together.  I’ve seen this in the military and as a civilian.  When we all want to do our own thing and go off in different directions, nothing gets accomplished.  The minute we all rolll up our sleeves and focus our efforts on a common goal, we can move mountains.

Sometimes I get bummed out at traffic and crime and litter and all the things that are negative about humanity.  But then I get a glimpse of what we can do when we put our selfishness aside and truly assist one another.  It’s amazing.  It’s not subserviant, it’s not degrading, it’s the ultimate power.  The power to band together as people and make a difference.

I’m writing today about my blessings in life because I think it’s starting to sink in.  My boys won’t be with me this Christmas, as they’ll be visiting their mom out of state.  Although we were together last year, I happen to like it when we’re together any year.  I certainly miss them when they’re away, even though they deserve to be with their mom and have a strong relationship with her as well.

As hard as I try not to be selfish, when it comes to spending time with my kids, I’m guilty as charged.  I think God knows this, I really do.  No sooner than I was sulking for a moment, thinking about Christmas without my boys, when another friend who I’ve helped with her loan calls me.  Lenda and her husband bought a home last year, and they remembered me.  That is a true blessing.

The Henry’s are wonderful people, and I am glad to have them in my life.  We consider each other to be family, as it should be.  Lenda has even referred a friend of hers to my services, as she is not getting the best of service elsewhere.  I’m honored to provide such assistance in a situation like that.

So, as I start to get down, I just think of all the reasons I have to be encouraged.  We’ll celebrate Christmas with my boys when they get back on January 2nd.  We’ll just adjust to the situation.  But, how wonderful it is to have my past clients track me down just to say hi, and even to refer my services to very special people in their lives.

One last thought before I go.  A commercial for a company once showed the words, “The quickest way to get rich… Is to count your blessings.”  Today, that makes all the sense in the world.

May you always be blessed, and may you have comfort and joy this Holiday Season.



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