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How To Get A 2nd Opinion – For FREE December 30, 2006

Posted by Jay Medina in Informative Articles and Free Reports.

Has this ever happened to you?  You get your tax returns filled out and turned in, only to find your tax person made a mistake.  Such a mistake could either have you paying more to Uncle Sam than you needed to, or worse yet, could prevent you from getting the full amount of refund actually owed to you!

Mistakes happen.  The thing is, a mistake like that is costing you money. The same is true with your home loan.  Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, a mistake could cost you thousands!

In the mortgage business a mistake is either caused by lack of experience, or an attempt to make more money off of your loan. So why not get a 2nd opinion, as long as it’s free?

I’d be happy to look at your existing loan quote, and it’s real easy to do; and it could save you thousands on your loan

What typically happens is banks and mortgage lenders make revenue off of your loan by charging certain fees and with the interest rate they charge you.  So, if you have a quote from another lender, why not have me take a look at it for you? Some fees don’t really need to be there, or some fees may be missing only to surprise you later, and some interest rates may be too high for what you deserve.

For example, I looked at one family’s home loan situation and I was able to save them $50,000!  The bank they were working with told them they would need to pay off $50,000 in debt before they could use the equity in their home; and the bank was going to tack that on to the loan.  I looked over the situation for them, and found a way for them to keep that $50,000 in equity and have an additional $50,000 in equity for them to use any way they wanted!

Now, they are happy and able to use that money for the things they want to use it for, not what the bank wants them to use it for.

If you’d like a FREE 2nd opinion, here’s what you can do: 

  • Fax me a copy of your offer or quote from your bank or lender.  Fax it to (877) 216-1938, and be sure I have a way to reach you on the cover sheet. OR…
  • Contact me here, and request that I call you so that we can look over your offer or quote.

If there is a way to save you money, or make you money, I’ll find it; or we may find that you really do have the best deal going.  The best thing about it is that it’s a free service, with no obligation; and it’s a great way to get a 2nd opinion.

Thanks for reading and for doing something positive today.



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