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Some Great Advice For The New Year January 6, 2007

Posted by Jay Medina in Inspirations.

Every year we make resolutions, and many of us never stick to them.  However, I believe that the root of all New Years’ resolutions is the desire to make each new year better than the last.  I don’t mean celebrations and parties, I mean the whole year.

Was your 2006 the most prosperous?  If it was, do you want less in 2007?  If it wasn’t, do you want less in 2007?  See what I mean?  I think it’s human nature to want each new year to be a new beginning and a chance to learn and grow and prosper.

Life is tough.  It has its’ challenges.  And yet, life can be an exhilerating experience; if we let it be.  My advice for the New Year would be to understand that you have the power to be great.  For everything you may have done wrong, forgive yourself.  Let yourself off the hook.  For everything you’ve done right, do it again and again.  And most of all, strive to be of service to others.  That means giving feely.  There is power and freedom in that.  Focus more on what you are giving than what you are receiving.

Post a comment on here on some of your New Years’ resolutions.  I’d like to hear them.

In the meantime, please watch and enjoy this video.  It’s an older song, but I think it is very relevant today.  Thank you for reading and for doing something positive today.



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