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A sign of a good Consultant is the positive feedback he receives from his clients and his associates.  As a Consultant who strives to build a solid referral-based business, good service is the cornerstone of that effort.  If I am able to provide excellent service to my clients and those they refer to me, then I am able to show honor, respect and gratitude to all who care enough to refer others to me.

 Here are some comments I’ve received so far:

I think that you do a tremendous job! I have never opened up to anyone like I opened up to you. You made me feel like I was someone and like I do have a future. I couldn’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my family, and we just got started. Thank you Jay.

N. Davidson, Jacksonville FL


I would highly recommend the mortgage services of Jay Medina to anyone considering buying real estate in need of a loan.  His level of service is among the highest you will find in any line of business and it’s important when buying a house to have a pro and get great service when coordinating the loan with the purchase.

Don Shirey, Austin TX
Realtor, DonShirey@NationalAgent.net


I found Jay to be the most thorough and meticulous Consultant that I have encountered in ten years of aggressive property investing.  I am amazed at how dedicated he is to completing his work in a timely and accurate fashion.

J. Timm, Louisville KY


I have had the pleasure to work with you on several challenging loans.  Each and every time when there was what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle we needed to overcome you were resourceful in solving each and every one.  When I knew you were handling a loan of mine I was always at ease that this deal would close.  I appreciate your honesty and integrity.  You never over promised what you could do with a loan.  You set my customers expectations appropriately which eliminated any confusion on their part.    The service you gave me and the follow up you did was the best I have ever seen then and now.  I wish you could handle every loan I am involved with.  It would make my life so much easier.  I whole heartedly recommend you to anyone that could use your services.  I look forward to doing lots of business with you in the future.   

P. Zaborowski, Houston TX
Centex Homes
Sales Counselor


I’m very pleased working with you as you have a great disposition and outlook on life.  It makes it very pleasant to deal with you especially when working through a complex refinancing situation as mine.

R. Jenkins, Jacksonville FL


I will pass your info on to my husband as well. He sells homes and at times runs into really difficult deals as well. I really really appreciate your work ethic and follow-up. Thanks!

D. Day, Houston TX
Centex Homes
Sales Counselor


If excellent service is important to you, and being able to speak with a professional to get straight answers is what you desire, then give me a call and schedule a free 15 minute consultation with no obligation.  You can reach me toll free at (866) 509-8796 ext. 2416.

You won’t get any high-pressure sales pitches, but you will get someone who cares about your success and will guide you there as your OWN Personal Consultant.



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